Despite roots in rural Haryana notorious for its skewed sex ratio in favor of boys, twins Nungshi and Tashi Malik have achieved several global gender iconic milestones. They are the world’s first siblings and twins to complete the ‘Adventurers Grand Slam’ (scaling highest peaks in all continents and skiing to North and South Poles). They are also world’s youngest persons ever and the first South Asians to complete it. They are also the youngest South Asians to scale the Seven Summits and to reach the South and North Pole on Skis. The twins were featured in 60th edition of Guinness World Records, 2015.

The twins are India’s most reported mountaineers and featured extensively in world media. They dedicated their mission to Indian girl child with the motto ‘Gender Equality Now: Fight Female Feticide’. They are brand ambassadors of Uttarakhand state for its ‘beti-bachao (save daughters)’ campaign. Last year they were also nominated Uttarakhand ‘state icon’ for India’s general elections to increase awareness and voter turnout.